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 Digging into the Enlightenment: Mapping the Republic of Letters Minimize

Digging into the Enlightenment: Mapping the Republic of Letters

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Awardees: Dan Edelstein, Stanford University, NEH; Chris Weaver, University of Oklahoma, NSF; Robert McNamee, University of Oxford, JISC.

Stanford University's video demonstrating how the digital mapping technology works.

Additional Key Participants:  The National Publication of the Works of Antonio Vallisneri, Princeton University, Uppsala University, Utrecht University, Bard Graduate Center, International Center for the History of Universities and Science, University of California at Berkeley, Rutgers University, and the French National Center for Scientific Research.

Description: This project will focus on a body of 53,000 18th-century letters, and analyze the degree to which the effects of the Enlightenment can be observed in the letters of people of various occupations.


Official Project Website:


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