Early Canadiana Online


Early Canadiana Online (ECO) is a digital library providing access to over 4 million pages of Canada's printed heritage. It features works published from the time of the first European settlers up to the early 20th Century.

1) Pilot Project: Approximately 500,000 pages from a variety of subjects, including Canadian women’s history, English Canadian literature, the history of French Canada, and native studies.

2) Early Governors General of Canada: 60 publications focusing early Governors General of Canada.

3) Hudson’s Bay Company publications: 160 titles

4) Jesuit Relations: 73 volume set of books in the original Italian, Latin and French with commentary and translation into English.

5) Official publications: 1.5 million pages of pre-1900 Canadian official publications, including journals of legislative assemblies of the various colonies of pre-Confederation Canada, Journal of the House of Commons, Debates of the House of Commons, Debates of the Senate, Reconstituted Debates of Canada, Sessional papers, Journals of the Senate, tatutes of Canada, Statutes of the pre-Confederation colonial legislative councils, and debates of the pre-Confederation colonial house of assemblies.

6) Periodicals: Over 2 million pages of pre-1920 Canadian periodicals. 


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